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Bird App Recap: White Sox vs Guardians, Rainout Edition

It rained, then it stopped, then the game got cancelled

Yes, the White Sox vs. Guardians series finale has been postponed to a later date, but let’s see how we got to that point.

It’s early on a Sunday, but there’s White Sox baseball to be played and it’s the final game of this three-game series against the division-leading Guardians. Can the Sox gain another game on Cleveland? Let’s find out ...

... Or maybe not

Let’s check-in on the roster moves after Yasmani Grandal’s injury last night, then.

Weather update: Bad

Fun? In this economy? Not likely

Seems like Cleveland needs the Sodfather.

And now we wait!


Maybe not.

An update on Grandal:

Rain delay, or fever dream?

The baseball gods are not kind.

No updates since the last update, which was that we were going to get an update in an hour or so.

Gotta make sure the field is in good condition for White Sox baseball!

Is this our sweet release?

Can’t face Dylan Cease if the game is never played.

Game is postponed, Kansas City tomorrow. Enjoy your day, folks!