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The Chicago White Sox 2023 schedule

The thing you probably didn’t want — games against every NL team, every year — is here

As the 2022 season wheezes to a close (still time to do something about that, White Sox!), let’s take an exciting look at what’s ahead for our hometown heroes.

The big and obvious change is a more balanced schedule, with every AL team playing every NL team, every year. The advantage that the NL West has in 2022, for example, by getting to play the patsy AL Central, is now erased.

So, Opening Day ought to be fun, as the White Sox head one state over from Arizona for a series at the Houston Astros — and better, it’s a four-game set!

The San Francisco Giants are the home opener opponent (yeah, this is going to take getting used to) on April 3, in a matchup just dripping with tradition. Heading to Pittsburgh and Minnesota means the White Sox will start 2023 playing 10 of 13 games on the road.

The Crosstown series remains four games total, on July 25-26 at Sox Park and August 15-16 at Wrigley. Both sets are Tuesday/Wednesday series.

The season ends much as it was originally scheduled to do in 2022, against San Diego, only in 2023 the White Sox end with a series at Sox Park vs. the Padres.

Given the newness of AL-NL all the time play, here’s a breakdown of the schedule in 2023, as outlined by the White Sox:

  • There are 52 total games against AL Central rivals Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City and Minnesota (13 games vs. each)
  • The White Sox play 31 total games vs. the AL East (seven vs. Tampa Bay, six each vs. Baltimore, Boston, the Yankees and Toronto)
  • There are 33 total games vs. the AL West (seven each vs. Houston, the Angels and Oakland, and six each vs. Seattle and Texas)
  • 46 interleague games (23 at home; 23 on the road) against all 15 NL opponents

White Sox hosting the NL
San Francisco (April 3, 5-6)
Philadelphia (April 17-19)
Miami (June 9-11)
St. Louis (July 7-9)
Cubs (July 25-26)
Milwaukee (August 11-13)
Arizona (September 25-27)
San Diego (September 29-October 1)

White Sox on the road vs. the NL
Pittsburgh (April 7-9)
Cincinnati (May 5-7)
Dodgers (June 13-15)
Atlanta (July 14-16)
Mets (July 18-20)
Cubs (August 15-16)
Colorado (August 18-20)
Washington (September 18-20);

Regarding holiday dates, the White Sox host the Angels on Memorial Day and the Blue Jays on the Fourth of July.

The 2023 All-Star Game is on Tuesday, July 11 in Seattle.

Broadcast times and stations have not been announced, and won’t be until 2023. As is everything in this life, the game schedule itself is subject to change. Finalized game times and a complete broadcast schedule will be released prior to next season.