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Bird App Recap: Diamondbacks 7, White Sox 2

At least the Bears will be back soon.


The Diamondbacks are back at Sox Park for the first time since 2014 and ready to take on the broken White Sox. Here is well, a lineup of guys that play for the Sox.

Tonight is Elvis night, but also, Elvis Andrus’ birthday.

Will the White Sox have any extra-base hits tonight?

Does this 25-year-old pitcher own the White Sox? Only time will tell.

Things aren’t looking great in the second inning.

The Big Baby made a big catch. It’s 1-0, Diamondbacks, after Alek Thomas’ sac fly.

Welp, it’s 6-0, Diamondbacks.

Screams into a pillow.

This season is over. Everyone has given up.

The Sox got their first hit in the third inning.

Doing something with two runners on? Nah.

Something finally happened ... in the fourth inning.

The White Sox have had three hits in this game. Two have been from Seby Zavala.

He can stop anytime now.

Those damn hamstrings strike again.

Is anyone else sick of Daulton Varsho?

Many people are wondering. Thankfully, we’re all wearing black already, so the funeral will be in-between the final out and the fireworks show. Elvis will be officiating.

Wait, is Steve watching the White Sox??

Welcome to the majors, Carlos! Sorry your team sucks.

The Sox can totally achieve this in the ninth.

We’ve got this! (Five to tie, six to win.)

Just kidding.

Not great!