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Bird App Recap: Diamondbacks 10, White Sox 5

More like White SUX amirite?

After two straight days of disappointing baseball played by the White Sox, it’s time for game two against the Diamondbacks. Will the Good Guys turn it around? Does it matter if they do? Who knows, but the lineup tonight doesn’t give anyone faith that they will.

Lotta updates on the injury front

Davis Martin on the bump for Carlos Pérez’s first major league start

A nifty double play started by José Abreu gets Martin out of the first with only one hit allowed.

Two balls, two strikes, two outs, two men on base and Gavin Sheets gives a mistake from Merrill Kelly a ride to make it 3-0, Sox in the first.

A walk, catcher’s interference, and a single — and the bases are loaded with no outs in the top of the second.

Martin walks in a run, and the lead is cut to two: 3-1, Sox.

And next, a base hit from Geraldo Perdomo, and it’s 3-3, with only one out.

A passed ball gives up a walk and a run, and it’s 4-3, D’backs.

A fielder’s choice gives up ANOTHER run, and the score is now 5-3, Arizona, but with two outs!

Tony’s Boys should just quit.

At least Carlos Pérez got his first hit?

A routine popup is caught by no one, and Daulton Varsho has an infield double!

Tanking time? Tanking time.

Vince Velasquez takes over for the Sox in the fourth.

The White Sox are the root of every fan’s problems.

Uniformity is scary.

Things happened, and it’s 6-3, D’backs.

Nostalgia is all we have left.

Old Enemy Alert.

Mercifully, the game was extremely uneventful after the fourth, but the Sox apparently can’t hit or score runs anymore.

That’s just good baseball, ain’t it?

D’backs get another in the eighth, it’s 7-3 for those guys.

Anyone would be better than Tony, but Chrystal might win it all for them.

Sell the team, Jerry. Pretty-please.

Whoop dee doo, Romy González knocks in Elvis Andrus on a double, and the Sox have their first run in seven innings: 7-4, Arizona

Some way, somehow, Abreu singles in Romy, and it’s now only 7-5.

Eloy hits a ball to the track that would have tied it, but instead Daulton Varsho catches it and ends the inning. Onto the ninth we go!

A single hits Joe Kelly and loads the bases with no outs in the top of the ninth, and Kelly is coming out of the game.

Reynaldo López enters for the injured Kelly, and proceeds to give up a single that scores two, and it’s now 9-5, Diamondbacks.

A sacrifice fly scores another, 10-5.

Game over. Sox lose, 10-5. Under .500.

There are a lot of illnesses. Watching White Sox baseball is one of them.

Tomorrow is another day, but will it be better? Not for the White Sox.