Thank You, White Sox!

The Committee to Beautify Chicago would like to thank the Chicago White Sox players and organization.

By falling out of the Pennant Race during the month of August... you have graciously made it possible for lots and lots of grass cutting and yard work and house painting and window washing and home restoration to be done by White Sox fans for the entire months of September and October. Even the alleys are going to look immaculate.

By playing lackluster and uninspired baseball during a season when even the slightest amount of effort would win your Division... you have selflessly surrendered all that fame and glory and fortune for the betterment of the City of Chicago’s neighborhoods and those of the Chicagoland suburbs. Particularly those on the Great South Side of Chicago.

You, the White Sox organization, will have done more to clean and pretty up Chicago’s homes and neighborhoods in the coming weeks than we could ever have hoped to accomplished on our own in a couple years.

So, thank you Chicago White Sox organization for being so civic-minded and doing your part to make the neighborhoods of Chicago and the Suburbs so tidy and lovely.

You may have problems playing baseball... and you do... but you have no problem in working to improve your City!

You have our sincere thanks!

The Committee to Beautify Chicago

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