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Bird App Recap: Royals 9, White Sox 7

White Sox pitching spoils the Gavin Sheets Game


After being brutally swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the White Sox will take on the Kansas City Royals in hopes to not be embarrassed again, thanks to these two guys:

Here’s how Tony lined ’em up today, before Miguel Cairo took over as acting manager for the evening as Tony undergoes medical testing. We wish him the best and hope he is well.

The White Sox are not good at getting hits and scoring runs anyways, but it certainly doesn’t make it better when Brady Singer is on the mound.

Lucas Giolito looked decent in the first, outside of a Salvador Perez double, but Nick Pratto made sure to change that.

Lucas struggled even more in the third, but Salvy also somehow hit this ball out of the park. Whoa, 3-0 Royals, that was quick.


The Sox seemed to get something going in the bottom half of the inning after a Josh Harrison leadoff double, but they weren’t able to bring anyone home.

The fourth inning got even worse for the South Siders, after Nick Pratto hit his second homer of the night. I was asking myself this same thing:

Truly upsetting some of us have to waste our time watching this team.

It would be impressive if it weren’t so sad.

Salvador Perez won’t stop terrorizing the White Sox. If James can play right field, though, he might be closer than he thinks.

The Sox started a two-out rally in the bottom of the fifth, with Eloy Jiménez driving in the first run of the game before being paid a visit by Gavin Bonds. One-run game!

The Royals reminded us once again that Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets are NOT outfielders. After a couple of bloop singles in the sixth and seventh, it’s 8-4 KC.

You’ll never guess who it was that increased Kansas City’s lead by four. Apparently tonight is the Nick Pratto game.

The Big Baby joined in on the home run action in the seventh, cutting down the lead by one.

Joe Kelly out for the eighth, and he, too, fell victim to the Royals offense — never thought I’d type that about this team. Home run for Michael A Taylor, 9-5 Kansas City.

BREAKING NEWS: A White Sox pitcher has finally gotten Nick Pratto out. Congratulations to José Ruiz.

Gavin Sheets blasts a second homer to right field, giving him five RBIs in a demoralizing loss — the White Sox way!

Six games behind Cleveland now. Things are looking bleak, folks. Let’s try it again tomorrow, I guess?