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Bird App Recap: Rangers 3, White Sox 2


Hey, everyone. The White Sox are in Arlington tonight against the Texas Rangers, starting a seven-game road trip.

Everything’s bigger in Texas.

The White Sox got to a shaky rookie Cole Ragans early, but Yoán Moncada let him off the hook by swinging at the first pitch with the bases loaded. White Sox Twitter was not amused.

Bears training camp is officially underway, and White Sox fans were ready with football jokes when Rangers outfielder Adolis García fumbled a ball in right.

Also not doing very well in right field? Andrew Vaughn.

I mean, yikes, man.

Remember who the real enemy is.

Do you know who was fantastic, though? You guessed it — Johnny Cueto.

If only the team could give him some damn run support.

I think Kristina might be onto something here ...

Perhaps predictably, the offense ended up wetting their pants and ruining an eight-inning gem by Cueto.

S i g h.