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Today in White Sox History: August 5

A failed comeback, and foolish brawl

Portrait Of Dickey Kerr
You don’t cut Dickey Kerr’s pay and expect him to stay in the big leagues, bubba.
Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images


Southpaw Dickey Kerr, a two-game winner as a rookie in the 1919 World Series for the White Sox but inactive since 1921, is reinstated from the voluntarily-retired list in an attempted comeback at age 32. Kerr will pitch in just 12 games, to a 5.15 ERA, and retire for good after the season.

After a relatively poor 1921 season (19-17, 4.72 ERA, 4.16 FIP, 89 ERA+), the White Sox sent him a contract with a $500 pay cut for 1922, prompting him to quit and pitch as a semi-pro from 1922-25.


In the first game of a key series with Kansas City, White Sox pitcher Bart Johnson and Royals catcher Darrell Porter got into a shoving match along the first-base line in the third inning after Porter slammed into Johnson’s back while he was covering first base.

In the sixth inning when Porter was coming up to bat, Johnson stepped off the mound and yelled out ”Do you want it now?” and a brawl took place.

After the game, both Porter and George Brett came to the White Sox locker room to apologize.