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Bird App Recap: Please make two runs enough

Run differential, pfft. Just keep collecting the Ws

Please Sir, I want some more runs

Who’s ready for some baseball?!

Go White Sox!

Many people are saying this.

It was a 1-2-3 first. Did we mention Kryptonite?

Yet another thing Dylan Cease is really good at:

I have this recurring dream where the Chicago White Sox litany of offensive talent repeatedly struggles against mediocre right-handed pitching ...

What we really don’t need at this point of the season is for four-plus walks a game Dylan Cease to make a comeback ...

Ah yes, White Sox lineup being mowed down by ace pitcher *checks notes* ... Glenn Otto?

Gratuitous pizza photos: A White Sox Twitter tradition like no other

We getting closer and closer to finding the person who is REALLY to blame for this underwhelming season so far

Sox fans, keep running up that hill: Bottom of the order small ball’s a run across. All tied, 1-1

Yasmani had something you couldn’t see in the stats: our love

Meanwhile, five straight K’s for Tim Anderson.

Did we mention how happy we are to have Eloy back in the lineup?

First XBH for Grandal since coming back from the IL, If Yasmani gets going along with Eloy ...

Tim is moving in the right direction!

You can’t miss ’em all. Still 2-1 after five.


Dylan not as his best is still better than most, but

Is this good? It sounds good.

Dear lord baby jesus, please let Joe Kelly not Joe Kelly this game.

Turns out we’ve been calling Kendall Graveman “Joe Kelly,” this whole time. Embarrassing!

Bad bullpen? Whatever. Inept offense? Fine. That can be tolerated, but Stevie draws the line at booing bean balls.

The top of the ninth was ... something. Anyway, Liam time.

White Sox winner, in true 2022 fashion!

Old Friend alert tomorrow

Let’s do it again tomorrow.