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South Side Sox Podcast 117 — A gift from the Guardians

Zach Hayes, Joe Resis, Dante Jones, Chrystal O’Keefe and Allie Wesel join Brett Ballantini to review Thursday’s strange twist of fate — and as always, take a look ahead

Well lookee here, someone other than the White Sox, or Rick Hahn, or Tony La Russa made a boo-boo. The launching point for No. 117 is Terry Francona’s odd choice to take Cleveland’s knee off of our chest by pulling Triston McKenzie from Thursday’s start, handing the ball to a far, far lesser call-up and breathing some life into the White Sox.

We review that decision, its ramifications, and more:

  • So, really, what was Terry thinking? Allie offers an explanation, but it’s hard to believe the Guardians could provide such gentility
  • For Chrystal, the season comes down to Saturday, when she will be in attendance at Comerica Park. Her number, tragic or magic, seems to be 1
  • Tim Anderson’s return seems more when than if, so what to do with Elvis Andrus when TA forces his way back into the lineup
  • Could Leury García wear a DFA when Anderson returns?
  • Brett and Joe collab on the numbers, and they say that the White Sox have less than a 20% chance to make the playoffs, and will need to go 13-5 the rest of the way to pass Cleveland — if the Guardians play just .500 ball
  • Zach is hoping to see a strong finish to the season, playoffs or no, so that the front office will not be tempted to dismantle the White Sox core, but at least one of use wants to burn the front office down itself
  • Dante is trying to find faith in the young talent unearthed in 2022

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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