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Bird App Recap: Can we get this over with so we can do something else?

South Siders suffer what is easily the 16th-worse loss of the season

This guy sucks.

We’re coming down the stretch!

Full disclosure, the 2022 White Sox have broken me:

Garbage like this, needing to be reported.

Anyway, let’s do that baseball!

The term “fan” is derived from fanatic — but this guy behind the plate is just a tool

Public Enemy No. 1:

Manning has given up two hits in five innings, and we’re having flashbacks to August.

Checkered shirt guy got the 2022 Tigers playoff hopes treatment.

Bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off.

Upgraded to kindly, but not nicely, asking.

Can we guess which one is not enjoying the ride?

Jimmy Lambert has been great this season, but you may remember him better from his previous work:

We’re no longer asking nicely, or kindly.

Even if you could look into the future, there is no guarantee you will like what you see:

Is that ... is that bad?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news ... 2-0, into the seventh.

Sometimes it’s your night, and sometimes you get shut down by [checks notes] Matt Manning?

Well, this may as well happen.

Alternatively: frustrating infuriation.

Torkelson catches a pop up and almost dies, Leury does the human thing and helps keep him from a nasty fall, which leads to a strange condemnation from Len Kasper:

Karma is real, and it’s 2-2.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland ...

Strike-em-out/throw-em-out at home on a fortuitous bounce back towards the mound, double play. Please score?

Javy having a rough time out there:

Now and forever. Reynaldo in for the ninth to force extra innings.

Whether you want it, or not!

Tigers strike out the side against the Sox in the 10th inning, of a must-win game, with a free runner on second base.

Liam muffs the throw on a sacrifice bunt. First and third, no outs. Not ideal.

Sox lose to Detroit, 3-2. Four games back of Cleveland.

Five in the loss column.

But then again, it’s the 2022 White Sox.