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Sharing Sox Podcast 86 — How far from the team is enough to keep HOFBP aura at bay?

Plus, a big thank-you to Terry Francona

With the strange starting pitcher decision of Terry Francona providing the White Sox with at least some hope of winning the AAAL Central, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, thank the Cleveland manager and look forward to the next series, with the Guardians and Twins facing off five times and the Sox getting a weekend in Detroit to hopefully enjoy, even though it’s rumored the HOFBP will be in the stadium to bring the team down.

Also upcoming, of course, is a three-game series with Cleveland at the GuRF, which will be a whole set of do-or-die games for the White Sox, with no likelihood Francona will decide to again provide a batting practice thrower on the mound.

Naturally, the discussion gets heavily involved with the elephant in the room, the gigantic ego of the HOFBP, who is reveling in his will-he-or-won’t-he game while everyone from players to analysts to fans yell at him (figuratively, at least some of the time) to deposit waste products or remove himself from the porcelain facility ... very much preferably the latter, as far a removal as possible.

Oh, yes — also heaps of praise for Elvis Andrus and dreams of how good the White Sox infield could be with Andrus at short and Tim Anderson at second.

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