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Gamethread: White Sox at Tigers

MLB: JUN 12 Rangers at White Sox
If the White Sox are about to go on a sustained hot streak, they’ll have to do it with Davis Martin and not Michael Kopech.
Melissa Tamez/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yeah, there’s a game tonight, but here’s the headliner:

Gimme a break, it would take a miracle — both in performance from the White Sox, and health from a Michael Kopech who has just been battered by an utter lack of planning this season on behalf of La Russa/Katz/Hahn — to see him active again this year. Time and again Kopech could have been skipped a day or a turn, to extend him and keep him strong for the season, but no. He was INJURED in warmups before his last IL stint and was sent out to the mound to pitch. Kopech has a nine-figure arm, but doesn’t have the organization to protect him. I’d say back to the bullpen for 2023, Michael, but we have ZERO starters ready to step up in 2022 beyond Dylan Cease/Lucas Giolito (sort of)/Lance Lynn (um), so, sorry, get strong in the offseason, buddy!

Davis Martin is up with the team is starting today. Surprise!

As for tonight, here’s your lineups:

Whoops, that’s not it.