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Bird App Recap: Double Fireworks Night!

Walk-off HBP fielder’s choice!

F The Twins

Nothing too surprising in the Sox lineup today against the Twins ... wait, Joe Kelly?

He’s been not great in relief, maybe this is what he needs to get going?

SSS Podcast listeners know that a White Sox win may be on its way. Big-game superstitions are in play.

Everyone has big game fever.

Not a great start, as it’s 2-0, Twinkies. In other unrelated news:

Clear sailing from here on!

Old Friend Alert!!!

Because ... reasons?

Unlike the White Sox, Sam can admit when he has made a mistake

How many hits did they have though?

Yasmani haters in shambles, and it’s 2-1.

We were all thinking it ...


#HitByPitchOffense Tie Game!!!

Davis Martin settling in with three hits and no runs through four innings.

Tim Anderson, who?

Don’t stop stopping now, boys!

Five scoreless for Davis.

Correa strikes out looking at what is clearly ball four, and it’s a 1-2-3 inning for ReyLo.

People are still really amped about that play Leury made in left field earlier, apparently. Still tied into the eighth.

Very somber #OldFriendAlert:

Who had Yasmani Grandal throwing out Billy Hamilton on their 2022 White Sox Bingo Card?

The Yasmani Grandal game?

Thank you for your service!

Many are saying this. Winning run on first base.

Andrew Vaughn takes one off of the shoulder to load the bases

Tony. Would. Never.


Call overturned ... after the fireworks ... ”premature celebration.”

Fireworks X2

Love to see the Twins lose twice!