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Today in White Sox History: September 20

Not only is this the only date two no-hitters have been thrown, both gems came in the first eight years of the team’s existence

Baseball Card Titled ‘Smith - Chicago & Boston Amer.’
Frank Smith threw his second career no-hitter — and the second on this date in just eight years of White Sox existence — 114 years ago today.
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JimmyNixey” Callahan threw the first no-hitter in White Sox history, as he beat the Tigers. The Sox gave him all the runs he needed by scoring three in the first inning, as the Sox won it, 3-0, in Chicago. The Tigers got one runner as far as third base, but that was it for the afternoon. Callahan walked two batters on the day.

Callahan was a two-way player for a good chunk of his career (1897-03). So at the time of this no-hitter in the 1902 season, he pitched in 35 games (0.9 bWAR) and played outfield in 23 others (-0.2 bWAR). By 1903, he’d shift more or less full time to ... third base ... and put up a 3.0 bWAR season.


With White Sox spring training having made the move from Marlin Springs, Texas to New Orleans, owner Charles Comiskey ordered a houseboat built to both house and transport the team. The South Siders trained in New Orleans for just two years (1905-06) before moving on to the more land-locked Mexico City for spring training in 1907.

The White Sox have held spring training in 25 different locations in their history, but just four over the past 68 years: Tampa and Sarasota, Fla., and Tucson and Glendale, Ariz.


White Sox pitcher Frank Smith tossed his second career no-hitter, beating the Philadelphia A’s, 1-0, in Chicago. The Sox scored in the ninth inning to win the game, with the run driven in by shortstop Freddy Parent.

September 20, is the only day in franchise history where multiple no-hitters have been thrown (1902 and 1908).