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Bird App Recap: Guardians 10, White Sox 7 (11 innings)

The South Siders get steamrolled in extra innings to effectively end their season. What a time to be alive!


Well it’s pretty much do or die for the White Sox, facing the division-leading Cleveland Guardians, four games back. Here’s how we are lining them up tonight:

In other team news … because we are still doing this song-and-dance with TLR:

Bit of a rain delay tonight, but don’t worry, I was able to find some solace in the Craft Cave.

Dylan Cease struggled in the first, but he eventually made it out alive.

The White Sox naturally had a hard time getting the offense started … but it’s still early. (I’m going to tell myself that).

And defensively … the bottom of the second wasn’t much better. Dylan got to 49 pitches before the inning ended. Yikes. AJ Pollock also had a bit of a spill in left field to give up the first run of the game.

It was pretty brutal, and it felt like foreshadowing.

Offense still doing their thing, though!!

Time to check in on Cease’s third. He got two outs in two pitches, so things were looking up. Some of his pitches just weren’t feeling it tonight, though.

Adjustments were made? He was looking a bit more like Dylan now. That curve is a beaut!

The White Sox bats might have been useless tonight, but Josh Harrison was singlehandedly putting on a defensive show.

Somehow, the second play was even better — Herb is not sugarcoating it.

Even Seby was flashing some leather with a beautiful throw down to second. Can we get some dang runs?!?

Our leadoff man, Elvis Andrus, did what he could to get something going in the sixth.

And it started to work. Eloy Jiménez with the bases loaded is pretty beautiful, if you ask me. Tie game!

We love it even more when the other team also forgets how to defense, and it’s 3-1, Good Guys!

I guess we can take a quick pause to witness some baseball history. Shoutout to Aaron Judge for his 60th home run! The Yankees went on to win on a Stanton walk-off grand slam. Why can’t these things happen to the White Sox?

Anyway, back to reality. Jimmy Lambert came in for whatever reason, and he had a rough one today, walking his first two batters and giving up two runs for Cleveland to take the lead.

Aaron Bummer came in to relieve when Jimmy couldn’t figure it out. Unfortunately, Cleveland was able to tie it, and Bummer was … well … his name. :(

Both teams had a hard time deciding when they should challenge or not challenge a play — super-sorry for Cleveland here, as Elvis Andrus does it again.

Because the AL Central is a nightmare, this game is going to extras.

Annnnnnnnd the Good Guys are quickly down two runs. Thoughts and prayers to Allie as she processes her thoughts about this godforsaken team.

The extra innings rule sucks. The Sox suck. Everything sucks.

The White Sox can’t leave us in peace, they need to make sure they string us along a bit more. MVPito ties it in the bottom of the 10th to keep the South Siders in the game!

Sadly, the Guardians piled it on Jake Diekman in the 11th. Not unsurprising, but a depressing way to go out after a ridiculous season. Just like Rick drew it up, right?

Yes. Yes it did.

Some are holding out hope ... or are just shielding themselves from the truth.

Maybe ... Next season? (Screams in White Sox fan).