Polling Place: Who’s No. 1 on the blame list if the White Sox fail to make the playoffs?


Look, this frustrating White Sox season is all Tony La Russa’s fault. Or maybe it’s Rick Hahn’s and Kenny Williams’ fault. Or is it the players’ fault? But wait: What about the man who sits at the top of all this? Is it Jerry Reinsdorf’s fault? In this week’s "Polling Place" — your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter — we asked who’s chiefly to blame if the Sox fail to reach the postseason. "It’s so easy to pick the owner," @ShawnaP79 commented, "but this is on La Russa. You see the difference since he has been gone." "La Russa is the problem," @TimothyMccue2 wrote, "but the owner is who put him in charge." More voters were in line with the latter take. We also asked about Notre Dame: Is this going to be a losing season for the 0-2 Irish? And, of course, we asked about Sunday’s Bears-Packers game in Green Bay. Dare we even consider the possibility of a Bears win? Offered @VerbanEmil, "I’m drunk with hope." Bottoms up, and on to the polls: