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Bird App Recap: Guardians 8, White Sox 2

Literally not one minute of that game was fun

Hey, friends.

I think the 2022 White Sox are kind of bad.

I mean, tonight’s game against the Cleveland Guardians started off badly.

And it didn’t get too much better.

Fans were so mad at the White Sox, we couldn’t really be mad at the Guardians.

Wait, do we love Yoán again?

Unfazed by the temporary flash of home run fireworks, the White Sox continued to display their lifeless, defeated spirits.

I would be mad, but, I mean, they’re not wrong.

There was so much blood.

Maybe a clever observation about both the White Sox and a really excellent pop song will ease the pain.

A lot of folks feel like the writing is on the wall and have made their arrangements.

We love the White Sox, but I don’t think they love us back.

Remember the ones who broke your heart, and demand satisfaction.