The White Sox Have No Pride

There is ‘good’ pride... and then there is 'bad' pride.

Good Pride is defined as living with self-respect... a good feeling of being associated with something that is laudable. On the minus side, bad pride is a feeling of selfish indulgence.

And then there are the Chicago White Sox. The Chicago White Sox that have no pride. No ‘Good’ Pride, that is.

From the Owner’s office down to most of the ball club roster... these guys have no pride. At least, not on the baseball field and not the kind you should have.

We have been looking for signs of the Sox to show some life and energy all season and hoping it would show up some how, some way. But we are waiting for something that is never going to happen. The ‘’L’ train that is in the shed and that’s never going to arrive.

The ball players make a god-awful fortune of money. For playing a kids game. For playing only part of the year. And yet, it is apparently too much to ask of them to play with pride and professionalism and energy and most of all... RESPECT for Sox fans and the integrity of the game. Not to mention to actually earn those massive paychecks that seem to be the only thing they care about.

Sox Management has no pride. They do not value the time and money that fans have invested in this team over the years and now during days when money is tight and time is precious. And so they do little to actually put a winning ball club on the field... (But they are quite good at buying at the bargain-rack and making corporate-speak and creative excuses).

The Hall of Fame Manager should have resigned half-way into the season when it became apparent that he could not effectively lead this ball club nor could he motivate players to elevate their game. Or maybe not ever taken the job at all... if he had some... you know... that stuff.

And... The Owner.

When have you last heard anyone say... ‘Boy, the Sox Owner just cares so much about Sox fans and he is doing everything he can to put a Championship team on the field and you just have to love him for that!’. No, we never heard that unless it was some apologist in Sox Management who was brown-nosing to keep his job. What you really heard was that he really wanted to buy in to the Mets.

The Chicago White Sox are an embarrassment to Sox fans and the City of Chicago. And maybe even worse... they are an embarrassment to themselves.

Fans can debate about what this team needs... more pitching... more power... better fielding... more depth. All of this is true.

But before any of that happens, what this organization needs is a crash-course in PRIDE and PROFESSIONALISM. Without those two things, all the talent in the World isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference.

Yes, there are a couple members of the Sox ball club that care and have done their best. But the toxic level of unprofessionalism that exists within this organization was too much to overcome.

In the long and cold off-season that quickly approaches on the Great South Side of Chicago... think about words that you never hear anyone say...

‘You really have to admire that White Sox organization!’...

‘Sox players sure play their hearts out every play!...’

‘Chicago can be proud of how the White Sox are playing!...’

‘This is SUCH a fun team to watch with how they play and work and hustle!'...

And, of course...

‘The White Sox play with so much class and professionalism. They are an INSPIRATION to us all! They are a credit to the City of Chicago and the Game of Baseball'...

Before the White Sox ever make the playoffs again, they have to find something first...


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