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Gamethread: Guardians at White Sox

The South Siders withstand one more torturous game against Cleveland; the fight for .500 awaits

MLB: Cleveland Guardians at Chicago White Sox
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the disappointing Chicago White Sox (76-73) will play the Cleveland Guardians (82-67) for the last time in 2022. After an extremely depressing, extra-inning loss on Tuesday, Cleveland put the nail in the coffin last night. Defensively, offensively, whatever — the White Sox just seem checked out at this point. Let’s be real, who really cares what happens in this game; it’s over, we might as well get swept.

Johnny Cueto is on the mound tonight, and if there’s one thing that the South Siders are good at, it’s failing to score any runs when Cueto is on the mound. Like clockwork this year, the White Sox were hardly ever able to provide run support for Johnny. If anything, maybe Eloy Jiménez will stay hot to keep things moderately fun on the way out.

Or, maybe Shane Bieber will shut down the offense, because as we’ve seen, the Sox actually getting hits against a righthander is almost as likely as them actually winning the division. And if we are REALLY lucky, maybe Josh Naylor will embarrass us one more time on the way out.

Let’s take a look at how they are lined up for the White Sox funeral tonight, shall we?

Catch the action in the usual spots, on AM 1000 and NBC Sports Chicago.