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I guess it’s Sunday and the White Sox are playing? Who knows? Who cares? Everyone is watching football anyway, so get ready for some unhinged tweets. Sox are trying to avoid getting swept by Detroit, but once again, it doesn’t matter.

In news that’ll actually matter for next year:

No Abreu, no Eloy, Tigers are probably going to sweep.

Love the players, hate the everything else.

The ball guy trying to grab a fair ball is a microcosm of everything wrong with this season, but it doesn’t matter, Cease got out of the inning.

AJ Pollock robs a home run to start the second!

Chicago: A city of terrible sports teams (except for basketball).

Andrew Vaughn and Adam Engel hit balls really long, but just a little short, in the third.

This game barely matters, but at least Cease is dealing.

We had a saga of a kid with a rainbow cone on the broadcast, and it was more riveting than the last four days of baseball has been.

The post-game crew is at the park, and at least Ozzie is happy.

The first pitch of the fourth is taken yard by Yoán Moncada, and it’s 1-0 Sox.

Andrew Vaughn takes a ball to almost the exact same spot, and Riley Greene makes a DeWayne Wise-esque catch to rob him of a homer.

Cease walks the bases loaded with two outs in the fifth...

But Báez pops it up and gets Dylan out of the inning.

An update on rainbow cone kid:

Cease once again loads the bases in the sixth, this time with no outs, but a nice double play from Moncada and a fly out to Engel ends the inning with no runs scored.

Reynaldo López takes over for Cease in the seventh. A leadoff hit from Ryan Kreidler and a hit-and-run from Victor Reyes scores a run, but does catch Reyes on the basepaths. It’s tied, 1-1. Cease will not get the win.

Melissa asking all the right questions. The answer is no.

No one is enjoying the ride anymore, and those who haven’t for a while were right and should say it.

White Sox baseball, everybody.

Things happen to Kendall Graveman, and it’s 2-1, Tigers.

More things happen, and the very funny outcome of a Tigers sweep seems to be coming to fruition: 4-1 Tigers

Poop? That’s what the Sox are.

Remember when the division was close? I don’t.

Season might as well be over, pack it in.

IS ANYBODY ENJOYING THE RIDE??? Please say no. You shouldn’t be enjoying this.

Gotta overcome a three-run lead to win; let’s just not do that, and go home.

Sox get swept. Pitchers and Catchers report in 5 months

At least someone is

Then, now, forever

Maybe the real White Sox are the friends we made along the way