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Bird App Recap: Twins 4, White Sox 0

The seventh loss in a row! If you are still keeping count


Now that the White Sox sealed their fate in the AL Central division race, we are on the home stretch of games before everyone is officially put out of their misery. Let’s see how Miggy lined ’em up today.

How about a depressing team update? Although, it’s definitely for the best at this point.

In better (?) team news for the 2023 season, fans might actually get their wish and have a Tony La Russa-free 2023. And that rhymes — I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

And now we begin the “Maybe-Next-Year” Tour.

Let’s be clear though, burn it all down after this horrendous excuse of a baseball season.

Lance Lynn was on the mound tonight, coming off of a three-run quality start against the Guardians during our demise last week. And Lynn started off very strong.

Oh good, let’s look at a reminder of how terrible the Sox have been over the last week (the entire season, really).

The MIA South Side offense couldn’t touch Bailey Ober in the first — color me shocked.

This is simply just a sad tweet.

After a perfect first, Lance started to get hit around a bit, putting the Twins on top early.

Lynn even flashed his speed a bit covering first on a play to end the second inning.

Then Matt Wallner hit his second homer of the season, putting the Twins up, 4-0, and knocking Lance from the game.

The White Sox offense, on the other hand, were getting absolutely worked (by) Ober. It’s never good when you’re on the batting end of a Pitching Ninja tweet.

Chrystal is on to something here. Is there a “C. All of the above” option?

Let’s not gloss over our sole hit of the evening, thus far, courtesy of Yoán Moncada.

Checking in — did Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run yet? Sounds like no.

This entire game was a snooze fest after the sixth inning. Both the Twins and the White Sox couldn’t get a hit to save their lives, outside of a lone AJ Pollock single in the top of the eighth. This is the only tweet I could find, as most people aren’t wasting their time watching this garbage.

Good news, though!!!

Oscar Colás is still raking in Triple-A, at least?

White Sox officially lose their seventh in a row, keeping the race for second place exciting as ever.