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Bird App Recap: Twins 8, White Sox 4

You already know.

The White Sox and Twins are back for the second game in this series. Let’s see how Miguel Cairo constructs his lineup for the mid-off.

And we’re off!

But wait ... are the White Sox cooking in the second?

Yasmani Grandal knocks Andrew Vaughn in with an RBI single!

The White Sox are so back.

Just kidding!

The third inning looked promising as José Abreu reaches a milestone, but the White Sox failed to produce any runs.

We are all Ali tonight. It’s 5-2 in the fourth, and the Good Guys aren’t winning.

The White Sox inch closer in the fifth, making it 5-3.

In other baseball related news, Aaron Judge has tied with Roger Maris for 61 home runs, and it happened 61 years later. Herb might have a point here.

Back to the White Sox for a bit. Sorry.

This game has sadly taken a turn for the worst.

Bases loaded in the seventh with one out, after Andrew Vaughn singles to knock Josh Harrison in and Abreu gets plunked by Michael Fulmer. It’s currently 6-4.

I think we all know how this one ends, though. Time to stretch.

Joe Kelly comes in to face Carlos Correa with Nick Gordon on deck.

It seems like this is a commonly-shared sentiment on Twitter.

If you haven’t given up on this recap yet, you might now.

After learning of the all-to-soon passing of Coolio, Target Field found a good way to honor the 59-year-old iconic rapper.

Old friend alert. Oh, and moments later he got home on an RBI single. So, 8-4.

I think the answer is no.

Get your rest. It’s an early turnaround tomorrow.