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South Side Sox Podcast 122 — Do the White Sox hustle, injury two-step and La Russa shuffle

Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to discuss the “hot” topics as the sun sets on the 2022 season

Welcome to Mothership Podcast, starring Brett Ballantini, Chrystal O’Keefe and Joe Resis. The trio that has brought SSS seven separate podcasts — you might know them from Episode 105 (“Steve Stone”), Episode 38 (“Lynnsanity”), Episode 48 (“Fattening Up”) or even Postgame Podcast 2 (“Rodón No-No”) — have many, many things still to cover this season:

  • Hustle — specifically, do the White Sox have any beyond Mark Payton, a Triple-A veteran hungry to get a roster shot somewhere in 2023?
  • An ancillary La Russa topic: Presuming management is not fully to blame for a flaccid 2022, what changed this season to prevent the White Sox from being a factor in the division race?
  • Chrystal brought up injuries to the question above, so we dig deeper there: Is there any way to prevent a repeat of an “injury-prone” team carrying over to 2023?
  • The Tony rumors: We delve into the smoke signals in the front office, that there is a fracture over the question of keeping La Russa for 2023. Could anything have changed on that note in the past two years?
  • We all take a crack at predicting the final two series, and season record, for the White Sox. Yes, .500 seems a pipe dream

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Or, you can watch the podcast on the South Side Sox YouTube channel.

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