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Sharing Sox Podcast 88 — At least it’s almost over

Yes, that’s Taps you hear in the background

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and current next room correspondent, Will, give the player of the week crown to Mark Payton because, who else is there for this past week, and, besides, he actually hustled.

Beyond that, it’s a look back at the badness, including some horrible numbers for the whole season, a debate on whether it would be a perfect ending to show total mediocrity by ending up 81-81, or if that would be too kind an ending for this team.

They delve a little into Trib columnist Paul Sullivan’s list of untradable players (long) and those for whom there might be some decent return (short).

Of course, there’s also discussion of the elephant in the room — no, not Lance Lynn, you nasty person — and fervent hope that the HOFBP will not be back next year, whether as manager or in any front office position except Official Handholder to the Chairman. There is also a look forward to Rick Hahn’s end of season press conference, when he will blame everything on injuries, bad luck, phases of the moon and the invasion of Ukraine — everything except horrible decisions by the manager and himself, including, in his case, not only horrible acquisitions and contracts, but deciding that a roster that puts five DHs on the field at the same time was a good idea. (Hahn will not resign at that time, which is very sad.)

At least it’s the last in-season podcast, so there is that.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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