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Bird App Recap: Mariners 3, White Sox 0

We suck again.


Good evening, friends. We’ve got a late-night game on the West Coast, and it’s approximately 9:40 p.m. ET for me. Get your coffee poured and settle in for White Sox vs. Mariners. Let’s see how Miguel Cairo lines the South Siders up for White Sox After Dark.

Right off the bat (pun intended), Yoán Moncada gets a hit.

Luis Robert doesn’t even try to swing at two fastballs in the zone.

Johnny Cueto and Elvis Andrus — White Sox icons when it comes to getting out of an inning with a double play.

September problems, am I right?

Logan Gilbert gets José Abreu, now with two on after Moncada’s hit.

Will the benches clear? Friend of White Sox Twitter Brittney reports.

The fourth inning is brought to you by #SoxMath.

Catching at third base appears to be difficult. With a ball hitting the camera well after a wild throw, Ty France speeds to home plate and Gavin Sheets is charged with an error. It’s now 1-0, Mariners.

Danny Mendick traveled with the team for the series and joined Jason and Gordon on the broadcast. A lot of people, myself included, miss him.

Luis Robert is back to his one-handed swing ...

At least he’s finally pulled out of the game. I’m sure Tony would’ve left him out there to die.

Yasmani Grandal is having a rough night.

Gavin Sheets is up with two one and one out in the sixth. Will the White Sox finally get on the board?

It didn’t work.

Long game, no run support, and dueling with a pitcher with the nastiest stuff.

Wait ... this might just be the reason the White Sox are having a bad night!

More onsite coverage, this time from Dan. Also, Adam Engel did in fact get a leadoff single.

We have an update on Luis Robert:

It’s still 1-0, Mariners, in the bottom of the seventh. Jimmy Lambert is in after Johnny Cueto had a rough start to the seventh. We’re all in misery.

Jimmy Lambert had his usual success, getting through the seventh. He’s really doing great this season.

Friends, I am frustrated. I think Nick might be as well.

Welp. It’s 3-0, Mariners, in the bottom of the eighth.

Twitter is down bad.

The White Sox lose and force a rubber match tomorrow. Get your rest, quick turnaround.