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Bird App Recap: White Sox 14, Athletics 2

Well, that was fun.

Holy moly, folks. It was a party in Oakland tonight. The White Sox scored early and often in a vulgar display of offensive power, besting the Athletics by a final score of 14-2.

In tonight’s Bird App Recap, I just want the pure, unadulterated joy to show through.

What follows is a collection of tweets in which the members of WST stood together, holding hands in a circle around a bonfire, singing songs of praise up into the late-night sky.

Well, virtually.

(Although, some of us were there physically.)

Elvis Andrus and Yoán Moncada started the game with back-to-back bombs, and didn’t let up for the rest of the game.

We just want to bottle up the team the way they are right now and not change anything.

Dylan Cease’s O’ Slider Slide was dancing all night, and it was giving Cy Young.

The hits start coming, and they don’t stop coming.

It was Andrus, it was Moncada, but it was also Roman A. González.

Our cup runneth over.

And WST was happy, which was weird, but in a really good way.

And it looked like the team was, too.