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Sharing Sox Podcast 85 — The ogre is in the rearview mirror

HOFBP threatens to return, fans threaten to abandon

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, revel in the White Sox scoring two touchdowns in a game, even if it was against a minor league team. But then, they worry considerably that the era of Miguel Cairo and the success and spirit it has brought is about to end, with the HOFBP saying he’ll be back with the team next week. Only with the White Sox would such a thing be allowed to happen, but when you’ve got Jerry Reinsdorf and two empty suits in charge, that’s how it will go. Will the Sox plummet back to mediocrity on La Russa’s return? We make an educated guess.

Also, on the return front, the two agree that if Tim Anderson makes it off the IL, the White Sox need to keep Elvis Andrus and his stellar defense (and surprising offense) at shortstop, and move Tim Anderson to second to give the Sox an outstanding infield. Will that happen? Apparently only the HOFBP knows.

Talk then goes to outstanding pitching performances, including Lance Lynn’s discovery that throwing a curve is legal, and on to action happening as the podcast was being recorded — the presumed passage of some major rules changes for 2023. They like the pitch clock, don’t like the restriction on pickoff attempts, and are fine with the restriction on shifting, thought they speculate — you heard it here first — that stadiums are apt to see major alterations on the size of their infield dirt areas depending on the structure of the home team.

Infield dirt all the way to the warning track could be coming to a stadium near you!

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