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Gamethread: White Sox at Athletics

If Lucas Giolito can tame the A’s, this series is going to go really well for the South Siders

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
The White Sox need the off-again Lucas to get on, again.
Chase Agnello-Dean/Getty Images

We have Kristina Airdo on the recap tonight, but because she’s on the west coast but NOT wandering around the open expanses of the Coliseum (although our Elizabeth Gonzales, is, check her out at @MySoxAreWhite on Twitter), I’m giving you the quickie gamethread. No frills, bubbas and bubbettes.

Luis Robert: Still not playing, still not on the injured list.

Seems to also be a sizable debate about what to do with Tim Anderson if and when he returns this year. Elvis Andrus is better defensively, but does that fact compel “the manager” to be more willing to move Elvis to second (or, sometimes, third, or hell, on this team, left or right)? Or do you plug the most important defensive position behind the pitcher in with your best defender and let the other chips just fall? Or, is there some tenure or respect issue with Tim than needs to be met, and it’s his call and no one else’s? If I had more time, I’d delight everyone with a poll.

Let’s win two games in Oakland before we start deriding them as AAAA, OK?

Gametime is 8:40 p.m. CST, with the NBC Sports Chicago Not Ready for Prime Time Players on the call, and ESPN 1000 on the radio.

Kristina will see you postgame, and she sure needs a win.