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Bird App Recap: White Sox 5, Athletics 3

A team that was being no-hit through six somehow still won


Do the White Sox have any runs left after last night’s massacre in Oakland? Or will the Athletics somehow no-hit the White Sox? It’s time to find out!

Per usual, Lucas Giolito is off to a rough start, putting the A’s up 1-0 in the first.

Birthday boy Jason Benetti is out, and Steve Stone is in Arizona. The booth is... weird.

I do believe I alluded to a similar outcome at the beginning of this article. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this.

Gio is looking a little better after three innings.

At least Sox Math is keeping things interesting. The White Sox, however, are hitless through four.

That’s So White Sox. Pruitt is hitless through five.

Gio and friends are struggling, again ...

Here is Sam Sherman with the expert analysis.


And nothing happened. Dear reader, I know you’re shocked.

I don’t think this recap is going to be a lot of fun tonight.

It’s now the top of the ninth and still 3-0, A’s. Wait ... what’s that? A home run?! It’s now 3-1, A’s.

Yasmani Grandal takes a walk just in time for AJ Pollock to step up to the plate. Just one out.

Pollock smokes the ball, but after a challenge, the call stands.

Andrew Vaughn gets a hit and RBI, and the Sox are back in at 3-2.

Seby Zavala takes a ball to the shin after being on a full count for the final out.

Romy González gets a base hit after an 0-for-3 start and suddenly it’s 3-3!

Don’t stop now, boys!

ELVIS! It’s now 5-3, White Sox thanks to a two-run double from Elvis Andrus.

I almost feel bad for the A’s. I don’t, but almost.

Liam Hendriks is in and everyone is asking for an easy inning.

Spoiler alert: He did the thing.

Don’t check mine, either.