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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 94: Adisyn Coffey

Kanny’s “old” closer looks to get his footing and start making a move up the system

In Adisyn Coffey’s case, best to look more at his role, rather than his numbers.
Tiffany Wintz/South Side Sox

Adisyn Coffey

Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
185 pounds
Age: 24
2021 SSS Top Prospect Ranking: 75
2022 High Level Kannapolis (Low-A)
Age relative to high level +1.3 years
SSS rank among all right-handed relief pitchers in the system 20
Overall 2022 regular season stats 4-3 ⚾️ 32 games ⚾️ 7 saves ⚾️ 31 innings ⚾️ 5.23 ERA ⚾️ 1.710 WHIP ⚾️ 36 K ⚾️ 16 BB

What a difference a season makes.

A year ago, No. 75 prospect Adisyn Coffey was listed as a third baseman/pitcher, because the last we figured, he was going to be a two-way player. And in most cases, a two-way player nudges bat over arm, if all things are equal.

Well, Coffey is not a two-way player, he is a closer, albeit still low in the White Sox system. It’s hard to get a handle on his prospects, because while everything about him points to org arm (he was a “veteran” 23 as a first-time pro and didn’t put up solid numbers despite being well older than league average) he has been given closing/finishing duties. Those late-game opps don’t just fall off of trees, so the White Sox seem to want to give Coffey his chance to shine.

Coffey’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Strikeouts 66
K/BB 49
Walks 40
vs. Power 14
Hittable 14
Durability 5
Team Winning Percentage .418

The ratings, relative to his Low-A competition in 2022, are not good at all. But while “old” as a prospect, 2023 will be just the second pro year for Coffey, and the second he is spending solely focused on pitching. His closer status for the Cannon Ballers alone points to a 2023 start in Winston-Salem, or at the very least a quick call-up once the season gets rolling.

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95. Arnold Prado, RF
96. Alsander Womack, 2B
97. Johan Domínguez, RHSP
98. Evan Skoug, C
99. Noah Owen, RHSP
100. Javier Mora, 2B
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