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International signing period opens with seven White Sox additions

It is that time again for Marco Paddy, with Luis Reyes and Abraham Núñez garnering the biggest bonuses — and Juan Uribe Jr. among the signing class

Luis Reyes is the only Top 50 international signing for the White Sox so far.

Marco Paddy met the media today to talk about these players, though you don’t have to listen to Marco to clearly see who are highly regarded based on the bonuses they earned. Paddy gave some context to both Luis Reyes and Abraham Núñez, both of whom received a $700,000 bonus.

Reyes is the 41st-ranked player in the year’s international pool, per MLB Pipeline. He has a plus fastball but he’s 17, so it is not like the fastball — or any off-speed or breaking pitches, for that matter — are that refined right now.

Núñez aims to provide a big bat in the future, when he literally grows into his 6´4´´ frame. He is just 16 now, so that is why the Sox think he will grow another two inches. He is one of the two signings to have a MLB dad.

The other such signing, and the biggest name (though probably not the best player right now) is the son of a White Sox great, Juan Uribe Jr. Though, to be quite honest, the best thing about this signing might be to be even further “in” with his father, who has started a baseball complex in the Dominican Republic.

James Fegan reported from Paddy’s session that the White Sox will be announcing additional signings, from Venezuela.

James Fox gave some extra context on one potential signing and the approximate amount of bonus pool the Sox have — although knowing the White Sox they could also trade a good chunk of their pool money, or just refuse to use it.

None of these signed players will start Stateside in 2023, and some might not play in the organization at all. The more expensive the bonus pool, the better odds they play and start, so Reyes and Núñez at the very least should be playing every day once the DSL rolls out this summer.