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Mike Clevinger is an alleged child abuser

Another feather in the cap for an organization which now has no accountability, or likability, whatsoever

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
The White Sox ignored all public knowledge about what a bad actor Mike Clevinger is, and doled out $12 million “without knowing anything” about domestic and child abuse allegations against him. In related news, would you like to buy a bridge connecting the Loop and Sox Park?
Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images
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There is much more we’ll be covering on this, but here’s a quick writeup on what we know about White Sox free agent sign Mike Clevinger based on The Athletic reporting today:

Additional context, if you needed it beyond the fact that Clevinger dicked over his Cleveland teammates in 2020 and was demoted to Triple-A for violating covid precautions:

The White Sox, coming off of a season with a $200 million payroll helmed by a manager in Tony La Russa they knew had been arrested a second time for DUI yet hired anyhow, issued a statement that could have been written by one of those AI apps:

Sure, White Sox. Sure.

We’ve been calling for the front office to be gone and ownership to change for some time now, but this really breaks new ground. At least in the case of La Russa, it was clearly an ownership hire.

Rick Hahn absolutely did his diligence on Clevinger, knew (in whatever detail) of his scumbaggery, and signed him anyway, for $12 million. Just the publicly-known intel on Clevinger would say don’t take him on for free, but Hahn, with whatever GM whisperers he has out there in his employ, ignored the exploding scoreboard-sized STOP sign and plowed ahead.

Fair warning, if you have any sensitivity to details of domestic or child abuse, you may want to avoid reading the Athletic story.

While of course nothing compared to the needless and grotesque suffering of Clevinger’s domestic partner and daughter, Hahn’s dereliction of duty on Clevinger is in its own right despicable.

These are the decisions that should get a GM fired.