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Sharing Sox Podcast 98 — My, aren’t we Clevinger

Plus talk of rotation replacements and the return of the TV booth duo

Poor Jake Marisnick. Here we are, in a week where the journeyman outfielder getting signed to a minor league contract by the White Sox should be the big news, and some guy named Clevinger steals the headlines.

The new accusations against a pitcher already well-known to be a total, absolute, unmitigated *$&hole are disgusting. SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, launch into a diatribe about Clevinger’s past horribleness, which even someone as abysmally ignorant as Rick Hahn should have realized set off red flags as big and hefty as fire trucks, while wondering why the hell the commissioner’s office has taken months to decide whether the latest domestic abuse allegations are true and, if so, what punishment they require.

One new question, though — how much did Clevinger’s Cleveland teammates have to hate him to not only not try to protect him when he pulled his COVID stunt in 2020, but instead not just throw him under the bus, but get into the driver’s seat and put it in gear? (Hint: a lot.)

With fewer than three weeks left before Spring Training begins, is there any chance under the MLB protocols that the White Sox will be able to cut the piece of crap before then? Or will he become the story of the spring instead of the new manager and players trying for comebacks?

As for the pitching staff, is there any chance the Sox will sign one of the two remaining good free-agent starters, Michael Wacha or Zack Greinke? (Insert laugh track here.)

There’s time also to delve into the 2023 prospective lineup, including Eloy Jiménez and his strong desire not to DH, and the strong desire of all fans never to see him in the outfield again. Plus the fact the new rules will mean solid defense at second base will become much more important — a fact completely ignored by Hahn and company.

But, hey, it’s not all bad news — at least Jason Benetti and Steve Stone have new multiyear contracts, so there will be intentional humor in the TV booth in addition to the accidental humor on the field.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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