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Having a bad offseason? Well, turn it up!

The White Sox collide with a music podcast, as Brett Ballantini hops onto This Might Be a Podcast to discuss a little bit of baseball and a whole lot of music

In case you ever wondered about the crossover of baseball and music, well, as the unofficial musicologist — or, music linker in offseason roundup notebooks — of South Side Sox, it’s my duty to inform you of an especially targeted podcast now available for your listening pleasure.

It’s Greg Simpson’s This Might Be a Podcast, which is a now 200-plus episode breakdown of every They Might Be Giants song ever recorded. Greg recently had Brett Ballantini on to discuss the mysterious, hidden Track 0 on They Might Be Giants’ sixth studio album, Factory Showroom, “Token Back to Brooklyn.”

Even if you are only mildly interested in music, this could prove a fun listen, as the history behind the song — about a rider trapped in a subway because he can’t pay to get out — is pretty rich and dates back almost 100 years in pop culture.

They Might Be Giants also has a rich allusive history at SSS, with former head Jim Margalus sprinkling in references, and Brett doing the same. I believe it is safe to say that at least Trooper Galactus here among writers/readers here also enjoys the band. And Brett sneaks a They Might Be Giants lyric into every Meet the Players questionnaire as well.

Anyway, consider it a palate cleanser during a rough offseason, among our run of prospects stories and unpleasant roster news.

You can listen here on Spotify, but This Might Be a Podcast is available at all your favorite listening locales as well: