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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 85: Carlos Jimenez

This strapping first baseman crushed the DSL in 2022

Repeating a year in the DSL, Carlos Jiménez made the competition pay in 2022.

Carlos Jiménez

First Baseman
220 pounds
Age: 21
2022 High Level DSL (Rookie)
Age relative to high level +2.2 years
SSS rank among all first basemen in the system 6
Overall 2022 stats 45 games ⚾️ 5 HR ⚾️ 37 RBI ⚾️ .343/.409/.564 ⚾️ 15 BB ⚾️ 31 K

The White Sox signed 1B/OF Carlos Jiménez as a free agent on Feb. 26, 2021. The lefty has played in the Dominican Summer League for the last two years.

His first season in the DSL, 2021, was a rough one. He hit only .206/.319/.324, with 15 RBIs and four stolen bases in 119 plate appearances. Despite his large frame, he displayed little power, hitting only two home runs. On the plus side, Jiménez had an above-average walk rate (13.3%) and maintained a more-than-respectable strikeout rate (15%). Defensively, he split time between first base and left field, and he fared fundamentally better at first. His fielding percentages were .909 and .778, respectively.

Offensively, Jiménez improved significantly in 2022. He slashed .343/.409/.554 with 37 RBIs and an OPS of .973 in 166 plate appearances. He also flashed a hint of power, with five home runs and had an exceptional wRC+ of 153. Unfortunately, selling out for more power meant he was a little less patient at the plate, as his walk rate when down (9%), and strikeout rate went up (18.7%). On the defensive side of the diamond, Jiménez played 39 games at first base and five at designated hitter, which presumes his poor showing in the outfield in 2021 influenced the decision to move him strictly to first. That may have helped improve his overall defense, as Jiménez increased his fielding percentage at the position to .961.

Jiménez’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Contact 82
RBIs 80
Durability 68
Hitting 61
XBH 59
Power 58
Speed 56
Runs 35
Team Winning Percentage .441

Jiménez will move up to Arizona for the summer of 2023. If he keeps up with the solid offensive production, however, he might be heading to A-ball sooner rather than later.

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