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DISH Deluxe 5 — A look back at 2021 ALDS Game 3

Jacki Krestel and Allie Wesel sit with Brett Ballantini to reminisce about Leury Legend — and the beginning of their SSS buddy comedy

It wasn’t just the last White Sox playoff victory (and, perhaps, one we’ll have to savor for many more years to come), but the ALDS Game 3 win over Houston in 2021 is important to South Side Sox for another reason: It connected Allie Wesel to Jacki Krestel, and therefore Allie to us at South Side Sox!

We review the genesis of the buddy comedy of Jacki and Allie, and much more:

  • We intended a companion podcast featuring many more of our writers at Game 3, but it fell through; I wasn’t hallucinating during this podcast. So next year, we’ll revisit what is sure to be our more recent playoff win once again!
  • Kicking off with a clip from a podcast a year ago, we get additional details on how Jacki and Allie met, and what the game was like together. Yeah, it was a bit lively
  • The atmosphere of the game, including Jacki’s thoughts on Blackout 2008 vs. Blackout 2021, as she attended both
  • The mood pregame, and in the early going as Houston jumped out a bit
  • Top moments of the game, beyond just Leury García’s massive home run
  • A detour, discussing the dirty rotten scoundrel Astros, and examining José Altuve’s Hall of Fame case
  • The what-if aspects of the game/series ... how might the past two seasons be different had the White Sox fought harder, or advanced in this series?
  • Then and now: Walking into or out of Game 3, did either Allie or Jacki think just 61 wins was Chicago’s destiny just two seasons later?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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