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Sharing Sox Podcast 120 — World Series-usness

And whether pigs should always be used to bring balls to umpires

It’s World Series time, and SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, just naturally talk World Series on the day before it begins, and just as naturally disagree in picking a winner. They also take a look at the rosters of the Diamondbacks and Rangers and match them up with the White Sox lineup to see how many members of the Sox would make an All-Star team also made up of players from just one of those teams (hint: The entire Sox position player share of the team was born in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, on Aug. 3, 1997).

There was naturally conversation about former White Sox players who will be taking part in the Series, and how the two Rangers have a combined 2023 bWAR just a hair shy of that of the entire Sox team. There was also discussion of the difficulty of spelling the name of the player received in trade for Marcus Semien, Chris Bassitt, et. al, which isn’t easy, so it won’t be attempted here.

On the actual White Sox front, the two started listing all the teams that will be in the playoffs before the Sox make it there again, with agreement that only Oakland is unlikely. And, in talking about managers and GMs on the move, there was complete agreement that no actually qualified person in his right mind would come to the White Sox while a certain person remains in control.

Plus, there’s a bonus movie review of The Saint of Second Chances, including agreement about the benefits of pigs delivering baseballs.

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