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Sox Populi Podcast 162 — Goodbye, Tim. Goodbye, Liam

Joe Resis, Dante Jones, Chrystal O’Keefe and Brett Ballantini say goodbye to the most prominent leaders on the White Sox, examine the front office’s decision-making process, and (gulp) look toward 2024

On the occasion of having to say goodbye to franchise leaders and stalwarts Tim Anderson and Liam Hendriks, Sox Pop 162 assembled with Joe Resis, Dante Jones, Chrystal O’Keefe and Brett Ballantini. Sadness, and hilarity, ensued.

  • Were either of the cuts, Hendriks or Anderson, a surprise?
  • Push-back from the host, then: Was cutting either player a smart move for the White Sox, from a roster construction or prospect return sense?
  • Cap-tips for what both players did for our community
  • Cap-tips to Chrystal for her unflagging domestic violence donations for every [redacted] start
  • A new round of loss predictions for 2024: Dante has the self-driving hope it doesn’t crash plan, Joe brings a rare no-math approach, and Chrystal just can’t bear more nausea than she already experienced in 2023. Thus, no one else has woken up to join Brett on that 107-loss island. It’s happening, people. Plenty of room on the sad bus
  • Finally, though the predictions review podcast/article was promised in mere days, we can’t officially roll that out until all player awards are issued, so we’re still about 10 days off. Brett’s a tease

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