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Chicago White Sox Summer Workout
You will certainly be missed, Jason!
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Jason Benetti leaves White Sox for Detroit

It’s another sad day to be a fan of our team

It’s another sad day to be a White Sox fan. After eight seasons as the South Side play-by-play announcer, the Detroit Tigers announced that Jason Benetti has signed a multi-year contract to become their new broadcaster.

Following the announcement from Detroit, Brooks Boyer and the White Sox released a statement thanking Jason for everything that he’s done for the the team. Brooks managed to assert that the search was on to replace Jason into his statement thanking Jason, if you feel like anyone at 35th & Shields is too broken up about the move.

Based on the last paragraph, Len Kasper will not move back permanently into the TV booth, which likely presents a challenge to the organization finding someone that works as well with Steve Stone as Benetti did.

Jason Benetti is one of the best broadcast personalities out there, providing excellent play-by-play analysis, with an amazing ability to shift seamlessly among multiple sports, including MLB, college football, and college basketball.

While the White Sox embark on their journey to find a replacement for Benetti, we can expect familiar faces to be included in the mix, including TV subs Gordon Beckham, Mike Monaco, and Connor McKnight. One thing is for sure, it will be a daunting task to replace the value and knowledge that Jason has brought to the South Side.

Emotionally, this is yet another, and an unexpected, gut-punch from the South Side.

Later today our staff will publish a more personal goodbye to Jason.


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