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Sox Populi Podcast 167/Soxivus Celebration Week 3 — Feats of Strength

Brian O’Neill, Tommy Barbee and Brett Ballantini predict who or what will prevail after the dust settles on this latest rebuild reload

A slightly-delayed Week 3 of the South Side Sox Soxivus Celebration rolls out, this time with Feats of Strength!

This time, we predict who or what will prevail during the course of this latest don’t-call-it-a-rebuild rebuild of the White Sox. (Our companion piece to this podcast is available to read, featuring some writers not appearing on this podcast.)

  • Tommy, bearish on the idea of either Dylan Cease or Luis Robert Jr. sticking around to see the end of next season, makes a sucker-punch of a choice: Tony La Russa
  • Brian straddles on- and off-field, opting for perennial grinder Romy González as The Guest Who Wouldn’t Leave, but in reality it’s Roger Bossard who will be left standing at Sox Park, forever. Pray for him
  • Brett’s heart hopes that Robert can be the Mike Trout of the White Sox, but the reality is far uglier. Go ahead and listen for the ugly details, but the winner of Feats of Strength is another MLB team entirely
  • We touch on some of our other staff answers for Feats of Strength winner, including Michael Soroka, who perhaps wins because he won’t ever have to pitch for the White Sox
  • In the second half of the podcast, we address the news of the week — namely, the price of SoxFest going up from a few hundred dollars (or whatever it was, it’s been like 25 years since the team held one) to several thousand, as The Fest Formerly Known as Sox is rebranded into some sort of Season Ticketholder Event brought to you by Bushwood Country Club
  • A brief preview of our final event of the month, Soxivus Miracles

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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