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Sox Populi Podcast 168/Soxivus Celebration Week 4 — Soxivus Miracles

Brian O’Neill, Tommy Barbee and Brett Ballantini skew positive (?) and foresee magic in the year ahead

Our special early gift under the tree for Week 4 is the finale of our South Side Sox Soxivus Celebration: Soxivus Miracles!

To wind things up, we predict the White Sox for 2024. (Our companion piece to this podcast is available to read, featuring some writers not appearing on this podcast.) Straightforward, right? Well, also, it wasn’t easy to come up with any!

  • Tommy goes big, and says (hopes?) the rebuild works this time
  • Brian chooses a fake miracle (Jake Eder becomes a guy) and a real one (Yoán Moncada stays healthy!)
  • Brett stays off the field and chooses an SSS-centered miracle: The White Sox invite us to press row for nightly home coverage
  • We kick off the second half of the podcast with Father Soxivus hiring on Brian as Soxivus Elf!
  • In the second half, we freelanced up a series of predictions, some bordering on miracles ... take a listen
  • And yes, this concludes our podcast year, so thank all of you for reading, listening and watching. We’ll be back soon into the new year

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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