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Sox Populi Podcast 165 — The Soxivus celebration begins ... Why are you still a White Sox fan?

Dante Jones, Brian O’Neill, Malachi Hayes, Tommy Barbee, Chrystal O’Keefe and Brett Ballantini attempt to explain their continued fandom — and preview our monthlong Soxivus festivities

Welcome to Year 3 of the South Side Sox Soxivus Celebration!

We kick off the festivities by looking within, to discover what it is about this team that holds our fandom. (Our companion piece to this podcast is available to read, featuring some writers not appearing on this podcast.)

  • Brian kicks things off, with a Joycean paean about the tragic sensibility of fandom, inextricable from romantic optimism. If you haven’t read The Dubliners, that means in part that he’s surprised the White Sox still matter to him — but they do
  • Chrystal is sunk too deep into baseball, writing 135 game stories a year, and is left with little choice
  • Dante and Tommy both speak of the hope of personal history
  • Malachi still feels that no one entity, even the owner of the team, can take his Sox fandom from him
  • Brett, honestly, has lost the passion for the team, but not for South Side Sox
  • Father Soxivus previews our coming events, which include a live program on December 10, the Airing of Grievances; December 17 (Feats of Strength); and December 22, Soxivus Miracles
  • A quick speed round toward the end asks whether there is anything that could ever happen to cause any of us to completely lose our Sox fandom
  • Chrystal’s crack research indicates that, yes, we are all members of the White Sox cult, and also coins a solid pocket schedule theme for 2024 ... White Sox: Please Be Mediocre
  • And sorry, Papa Jones, Dante still ain’t crossing over to the north side

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