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Today in White Sox History: February 1

A world series, indeed

Before playing a game that afternoon, this group of White Sox and Giants personnel visited the Great Pyramids, 110 years ago today. Charles Comiskey and wife, future White Sox owner Grace, are on camels in the middle of this photo.
UIC Digital Collections


In a story told in great detail in 2014 on site, the White Sox and New York Giants played an exhibition game in Cairo, Egypt. This stop on the 56-game World Tour ended in a 3-3 deadlock after 10 innings.

You can’t blame the players for failing to find a victor, given the arduous travel they undertook to play: After a nine-day boat trip, the traveling party spent 23 hours on train to get to Cairo, took one more short train to the suburbs, departed the hotel by car to visit the Great Pyramids, then suited up for a 2:30 p.m. game!

A crowd of 2,000 spectators paid $2.08 for a ticket at the Heliopolis Sporting Club to see the first game in Egypt in 25 years, and they did get a treat — a hard-fought game, with the White Sox players riding the Giants from the sidelines. Legendary athlete Jim Thorpe drove in all three runs for the Giants, on a solo homer.

In the end, the game was not called due to player fatigue, but darkness.