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Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox

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Baseball is back, and the White Sox remain awful

The front office continues to disappoint

It’s time to go, Rick.
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The White Sox held a press conference today. Instead of Rick Hahn saying absolutely nothing of value, the team could have held itself accountable. Instead, they let disgraced pitcher Mike Clevinger speak.

Hahn immediately put his foot in his mouth, saying he understood why Clevinger lied to the White Sox by not disclosing the MLB investigation into his alleged domestic abuse. Because it makes sense to lie about charges of abuse of a 10-month-old baby — among the other vile accusations against him — especially when you’re getting paid millions as a washed pitcher.

“There was no way for us to be aware of the incident without someone being in violation,” Hahn said of the confidentiality aspect of MLB’s domestic abuse policy. Outside of that, Hahn said “there was no indication of anything close to what is being alleged in this guy’s background.”


Per Hahn, the team’s “only option” is to let the investigation play out and await a decision from MLB. Meanwhile, Clevinger arrived in Arizona to participate in Spring Training.

Hahn isn’t being honest. That is not the only option, as the White Sox could easily pay Clevinger to sit this one out, but they won’t. Why? Because they don’t care. Hahn also claimed that Clevinger apologized to his teammates for the distraction and denied any wrongdoing.

After Hahn’s disappointing presser, Clevinger, for some reason, spoke.

“I’m just asking everyone to wait before they rush to judgment,” he said. “Just wait until the actual facts are out there. Wait until there is actual evidence, and then make your decision on who you think I am.”

(I’d say there was a plethora of evidence on the accuser’s Instagram.)

Clevinger also had the audacity to say this.

At the moment, as a writer, my thoughts are still a little jumbled. As a fan, a woman, a mother, and a survivor of abuse, I am livid. I remain disgusted by today’s actions. The idea of watching this man pitch this season, and needing to cover him as a part of my role on this site, is disheartening. And as the fifth starter, he lines up to be the starting pitcher for the home opener.

If anyone wants to hang out in Lot B without purchasing a ticket, just to boycott this piece of trash and the front office, find me on Twitter. We ride at dawn.

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