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The 2023 White Sox Spring Training broadcast schedule

Six televised games and 10 radio broadcasts are on the home docket

Looks like the White Sox have punitively removed us from their PR distribution site, once again. So, thanks to LaMond Pope for tweeting out the schedule. Enjoy the additional free pub, White Sox!

With games beginning a week from today, the White Sox used their selectively-punitive distribution channels to share their broadcast schedule for Spring Training:

The White Sox play 31 total games this spring, with six televised by NBC Sports Chicago (including a final one, on March 23, on their plus channel). Ten games will be available on the home radio, network, ESPN 1000. Between the two outlets, a total of 11 games will be available for fans interested in a home broadcast — on TV, radio, or both.

Just two games (February 28 at Arizona and March 20 hosting Arizona) appear to be getting played without with the White Sox or their opponents providing any broadcast coverage.

March 9’s WBC opponent at Camelback Ranch is Team Colombia.