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Return of Elvis (Andrus)

The White Sox have bought back their best signing of 2022

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Rick Hahn ended a rough week on a better note, bringing back Elvis Andrus, who proved a terrific pickup and terrific teammate.
Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Last season, when Tim Anderson went down with what turned out to be a season ending injury, the White Sox had to figure out a way to fix the gaping hole in the middle of their infield.

The solution that GM Rick Hahn came up with? Elvis Andrus, who fell right into Hahn’s arms, just having been released by the Oakland Athletics. Elvis didn’t do much ... besides putting a much needed jolt of energy into the team in August and singlehandedly trying to drag his new club back into contention. In 43 games, Andrus batted .271 with nine home runs, while he hit eight home runs and batted .237 in the 106 games he played with the A’s.

With Andrus coming back in the fold, suddenly second base doesn’t seem as much of an issue, with Romy González and Lenyn Sosa as potential depth pieces (wait, the White Sox believe in depth now???) in Charlotte instead of being forced to be the plan at second. Meanwhile, Anderson is back and healthy (unless the World Baseball Classic decides to get in the way of that) so middle infield is one less problem for Hahn to not deal with.

Now all the South Siders need Hahn to do is actually be good, and not just lucky (hello Johnny Cueto.)