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Today in White Sox History: February 2

On the 17th try, Red turns bronze

On this day 59 years ago, Red Faber finally got his due in Cooperstown.
National Baseball Library
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Red Faber, who pitched all 20 of his seasons with the White Sox, was named to the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee.

Astoundingly Faber, whose 67.7 pitching WAR ranked 11th at the time of his retirement (and still ranks 38th all-time, 90 seasons later), never received more than 30.9% BBWAA voting support over 16 (!) different votes — and 10 times failed to poll at as much as 5%.

Faber won 254 games in his career and completed 273, with a 3.15 ERA (119 ERA+) and 3.34 FIP. He pitched more than 4,000 innings and even saved 27 (including an AL-leading four in his rookie season, 1914).

He also went 3-1 in the 1917 World Series, pitching more than half (27 of 52) of the innings in the Series and finishing with the second-most Championship WPA (20.94) of any White Sox player — second to, get this, Chick Gandil’s 21.22. If not for the flu that sidelined him but for one game after August 19, the South Siders may have won the 1919 World Series, with or without the Black Sox fix.