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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 50: Mario Camilletti

This power-packed energy wad gets on base ... and how

Mario Camilletti is a pay-no-mind eighth-rounder in Sox eyes ... he’s determined to play his way into prospect status.

Mario Camelletti

Second Baseman
195 pounds
Age: 23
2022 High Level Arizona (Rookie)
Age relative to high level +3.3 years
SSS rank among all second basemen in the system 3
Overall 2022 NCAA season stats 62 games ⚾️ 7 HR ⚾️ 51 RBI ⚾️ .376/.498/.563 ⚾️ 54 BB ⚾️ 26 K

With pick No. 251 n the 2022 MLB draft, the White Sox snagged 2B Mario Camilletti out of Central Michigan.

A high OBP player with great plate discipline, Camilletti amassed a very impressive 207 walks over five college seasons. He was a first team All-Region and All-American selection back in 2020, carried mostly on the back of an absurd .502 OBP and a walk rate that was double that of his strikeout rate (22% vs 11%) for Central Michigan.

His small frame doesn’t project much for power, but with a god-given gift to get on base, Camilletti is an interesting prospect coming into the White Sox system. Add in some plus baserunning and manageable defense in his career, and there are more than a few things to make Camilletti and intriguing name to watch rise up through the Sox system.

Like several other draftees, Camilletti merely dipped his toe into pro play in the ACL late in 2022, getting into two games and, what new, walking twice.

Camilletti’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Durability 101 (OK, this is nuts, first 100+ rating we’ve seen this entire series)
Contact 84
Hitting 81
Runs 61
Speed 53
Power 53
RBIs 52
XBH 49
Team Winning Percentage .420

Camilletti is a prototypical system-stocker, as evidenced by a chiseling $80,000 bonus he got as an eighth-rounder. That said, such system stock can play their way into prospect status. Camilletti’s challenge will begin at Low-A Kannapolis, and movement to Winston-Salem by year’s end will be a good sign.

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62. Terrell Tatum, LF
63. Shawn Goosenberg, 2B
64. Randel Mondesí, LF
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66. Declan Cronin, RHRP
67. Fraser Ellard, LHRP
68. Colby Smelley, C
69. Ethan Hammerberg, RHRP
70. Lincoln Henzman, RHRP
71. Vince Vannelle, RHRP
72. Brooks Baldwin, 3B-2B
73. James Beard, CF
74. Gabriel Rodríguez, RHSP
75. Ronny Hernandez, C
76. Troy Claunch, C
77. Brooks Gosswein, LHSP
78. Tim Elko, 1B
79. Yoelvín Silven, RHRP
80. Trey Jeans, LHRP
81. Jerry Burke, RHSP
82. Carlos Jiménez, 1B
83. Mason Adams, RHSP
84. Frankeli Arias, LHSP
85. Ernesto Jaquez, RHSP
86. Laz Rivera, 3B
87. Xavier Fernández, C
88. Álvaro Agüero, CF
89. Ben Norman, RF
90. Erick Bello, RHRP
91. Adisyn Coffey, RHRP
92. Arnold Prado, RF
93. Alsander Womack, 2B
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95. Evan Skoug, C
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97. Javier Mora, 2B
98. Will Kincanon, RHRP
99. Yohemy Nolasco, RHSP
100. Billy Seidl, RHRP
101. José Rodulfo, RHRP