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South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 80: Brooks Gosswein

It’s make or break time for this initially-impressive southpaw

Brooks Gosswein would like a do-over for 2022.

Brooks Gosswein
Left-Handed Starting Pitcher
205 pounds
Age: 24
2022 SSS Top Prospect Ranking 26
2022 High Level Winston-Salem (High-A)
Age relative to high level 0.0 years
SSS rank among all left-handed starting pitchers in the system 4
Overall 2022 stats 3-10 ⚾️ 24 games (23 starts) ⚾️ 99 IP ⚾️ 6.45 ERA ⚾️ 1.657 WHIP ⚾️ 89 K ⚾️ 57 BB

The White Sox drafted Evanston native Brooks Gosswein out of Bradley University in the fourth round, keeping the fourth year junior (2020 pandemic cancellation redshirt) from returning to Peoria with a $200,000 bonus.

With Bradley, Gosswein went 4-2 in 12 games, 52 2⁄3 innings, with a 5.13 ERA and 1.386 WHIP.

As a first-time pro in 2021, Gosswein reached as high as Kannapolis, where he was roughly age-appropriate. He threw six starts in his truncated debut, tallying 17 innings, 15 strikeouts and six walks, for a 2.65 ERA and 1.059 WHIP.

He was well-heralded by SSS, which placed him as the No. 1 lefty starter in the organization heading into 2022. However, Gosswein squandered that status with an off-year.

Starting in Kannapolis, which should have been an easy repeat for the college veteran, turned out tortuous. Without actual merit (4.94 ERA and 1.564 WHIP in 18 starts) Gosswein was draft-pushed up to Winston-Salem, where he was significantly worse (7.41 ERA and 2.118 WHIP in five starts). Heading into 2022, Gosswein would have been an easy pick to matriculate to Project Birmingham by August, but instead he finds himself at a career crossroads and challenged to prove that his toe-dip into the pros in 2021 wasn’t a fluke.

The ratings are not optimistic:

Gosswein’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Durability 66
Hittable 50
vs. Power 50
Walks 48
K/BB 38
Strikeouts 32
Team Winning Percentage .445

We tabbed Gosswein for Winston-Salem to start 2022, which bore out as an optimistic take. The southpaw’s performance merits repeating Kannapolis for a third season, but age alone would prevent that; plan on seeing Gosswein start in Winston-Salem in 2023, hopefully to much greater effect.

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